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Restarting Operations

Fiday, March 3, 2023 - New Operating Hours

As of today, we will be open from Monday till Friday from 18:00 till 21:00 hours for PICKUP ONLY

Our Dining Areas are temporary closed as we need to renovate after longer than a year not operating. We are currently negotiating with delivery partners to offer DELIVERY SERVICES soon again too.

Incidentally, we might be available between 11:00 and 17:30, please call 433-369 to check.

We do encourage placing your orders beforehand through this website.

Ordering through the phone is also possible at 433-369 but due to limited manpower, the phone calls may be missed.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the healthy tasty food of Azteca

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Azteca Doubles

Introducing a Trinidadian Original in Suriname

Doubles, the ubiquitous street food in Trinidad and Tobago and famous around the Caribbean were introduced to Suriname on July 1, 2016, bij Azteca Exotic Foods. The little brown paper bags with the square sticker soon became a hit on social media, as a recognition of the popularity of the Azteca Doubles

Today, Azteca Doubles remains a popular favorite among our clients. Over the last 4 years, in addition to the original vegetarian versions, we introduced extra curries to be ordered, starting with Chicken Curry and Shrimp Curry in 2017, Adding Duck, Lamb, and Beef Curries in 2019.

While its origin is street food, traditionally eaten by the side of the road, Azteca transformed the humble satisfying food into a culinary adventure in her restaurant, where doubles are plated beside 5-course dinners, or even become part of a multi-course dinner experience.

Ordering Doubles Online for Delivery never has been easier, through this website and the Foodbooking App are also possible.

The GRILL at Azteca

A Pop-Up Restauratnt

Pop-Ups are temporary concepts, sometimes for a single time, sometimes for as long as a year....

We started 2020 with a pop-up concept, with the goal of offering Fast, Affordable and Tasty Quality Food for our clients.

So we grill high quality food in our professional kitchen and package it for take away or delivery.

We offer a range of Tasty and Healthy Fish, Other Seafood like Lobster and Shrimp, Several beautiful cuts of Beef, Chicken and Duck Breasts, and even a cut of Tasty Vietnamese inspired Pork according to the same trusted recipe we use at the Azteca Restaurant.

We provide delivery services through, Foodbooking App, FlexyApp and our Website.

Our meals can be combined in any combination you like, Check out our menu and Enjoy....

The Brown Bag Cafe

The newest online only restaurant by Azteca Exotic Foods NV

We recently added a new venture to our portfolio. The Brown Bag Cafe is an online-only restaurant, servicing her clientele through her website www.thebrownbagcafe.sr.

The cafe focuses on lunches, baked food, and sweets and desserts.

pa de queijo

You can also find us in the Foodbooking App

Alongside Suriname's biggest Chain Restaurants

Like many other restaurants you can find us also in the Foodbooking app, the same app that is being used among others by
Popeyes Suriname, McDonalds Suriname and Wolly's

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